The essence of my design practice is simple: I strive to make your residential or commerical interior an infinitely more beautiful place for you to live or work in, and an infinitely more easy place in which to live or work, as well. In tandem, these two essentials—beauty and ease—allow life’s wonderful moments to unfold perfectly, and in ways you’ll not only cherish when you look back, but also fully enjoy while they’re happening.

We design homes that let you relax during hectic periods while savoring the calm of quieter times. Entertaining friends, enjoying the comfort of a holiday meal, cozying up in front of a fireplace—we believe our homes are our sanctuaries and we design with that idea in the forefront of our minds.

We follow the same approach for our commercial interiors with what I call my 3-must-haves for any interior, which are color, texture and materials, which allow for happy team members to reach their full potential in a relaxed work environment.

The surroundings we create are warm and welcoming, and we achieve this by bringing nature into the design of all our interiors. Color provides a warm base with which we blend all other materials. The selection of materials is focused on those that are created in nature, and bring about a textural experience unique only to your home or office. Together, color, texture and materials provide the warmth and ease of living and working that we strive to provide for each client.


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From a very young age, I knew that beautiful interiors impacted me tremendously and I would spend many hours passing the time looking at my Mother’s design magazines. Completely absorbed, I remember looking at the floor plan drawings and being fascinated by how they related to the photographed interior. Today, with nearly three decades of professional design experience, I am still fascinated by how interior surroundings have such a profound hold over me. And I believe that beautiful, well-designed interiors affect our emotions, our productivity and our aspirations.

As a Designer, I strive to create interiors that bring warmth and ease of living and working to my clients’ residential and commerical interiors. Whether the project calls for a full construction remodel or a single room makeover, I bring my knowledge for interior architecture and design, and combine it with my belief that great lives are supported by great interiors.

With a Masters in Architectural Studies from Columbia College Chicago, where I’ve also taught, I stay on the forefront of industry ideas and trends, allowing me to create the gorgeous interiors that my clients’ think only exist in magazines, but which they quickly realize, exist for them in their own beautful homes and offices, too.



I have always been drawn to beautiful interiors and architecture. I believe that a well-designed space can truly impact how we live our lives by providing us with the serene and calm environment we all crave.

After being a small business owner for over twenty-five years, I have decided to change careers and pursue my lifelong passion for design. New to this field, I am excited to combine my business and customer service experience with my love of design to become a valuable asset to Maura Braun Interior Design. I am eager to use my varied skillset to bring elegance into the lives of our clients.



I assist with developing the strategy and content for MBID's blog and social media accounts, including Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Because Maura's brand is so visual, I enjoy sharing the beauty of her work via the internet for the world to see. With experience in marketing and communications, I enjoy getting the word out about how MBID's interior and construction design services can create a better interior lifestyle for both the home and work surroundings.



My goal is to support business operations so that business owners can maximize their success. With a background comprised of digital marketing, legal studies and operations management, I am thrilled to support Maura and her team by removing the noise of daily details and operations so their outstanding results can shine.